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Waterfront Landscapes LLC is a locally owned and operated landscaping company that has been serving the Bimini FL area for many years. We offer a wide range of landscaping services, including:

  • Residential landscaping
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Plant Installation
  • Flower Installation
  • Mulch Installation
  • Rock Installation
  • Flower Beds
  • And more!

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality landscaping services at a competitive price. We are also committed to using sustainable practices whenever possible.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Waterfront Landscapes LLC for your landscaping needs:

  • We are locally owned and operated, so we are committed to serving the Bimini FL area.
  • We have many years of experience, so we know what we’re doing.
  • We offer a wide range of landscaping services, so we can meet your needs.
  • We are committed to providing high-quality services at a fair price.

When choosing landscaping services, there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

  • Your needs: What are your specific needs? Are you looking for lawn care, tree care, or a more comprehensive landscaping project?
  • Your style: What kind of look are you going for? Do you want a formal or informal garden? Do you want to use native plants or exotic plants?

To learn more about our landscaping services in the Bimini FL area or to schedule a consultation, please contact Waterfront Landscapes LLC today at (386) 400-5551. We would be happy to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

Bimini is renowned for its turquoise waters, rich history, and unique Caribbean charm. However, a common misconception is that Bimini is located in Florida. In reality, Bimini comprises a group of islands located in the westernmost district of the Bahamas. It is only approximately 50 miles from Miami, which may explain the misconception. Despite this, Bimini shares many ties with Florida due to its proximity and interconnected history. For the purpose of this article, we will delve deep into the demographics of Bimini and how its proximity to Florida plays a role in shaping its population.

Population Size and Growth

While exact figures can change from one year to another, as of the last known census, Bimini had a population of just over 2,000 residents. The population is primarily centered in Alice Town on North Bimini, the main hub of activity for the islands. Over the years, the population growth has been relatively slow, with incremental increases driven by natural growth and a modest influx of migrants seeking employment in the tourist industry or escaping urban centers.

Ethnic and Racial Composition

The vast majority of Bimini’s population identifies as Black or Afro-Bahamian. This reflects the broader demographic trends seen throughout the Bahamas. Historically, the islands were inhabited by the Lucayan people before European contact. However, with colonization and the introduction of the African slave trade, the demographic makeup of the islands transformed significantly.

There’s also a small but significant population of White Bahamians, primarily of British descent, reflecting the islands’ colonial history. Additionally, due to its close proximity to Florida, Bimini has seen an increase in American expatriates and retirees. This group forms a small but notable portion of the demographic fabric of the islands.

Language and Culture

English is the official language of Bimini and is spoken by virtually all of its residents. Many inhabitants also speak Bahamian Creole, especially in informal settings, which adds a unique linguistic flavor to the islands.

Culturally, Bimini is a blend of traditional Bahamian elements, with influences from the broader Caribbean and North America. This is particularly evident in its music, cuisine, and festivals. Its proximity to Florida has led to the introduction and popularization of certain American cultural elements, including food and entertainment.


Christianity is the dominant religion in Bimini. The majority of residents identify as Protestant, with a variety of denominations represented, including Baptist, Anglican, and Methodist churches. Church services and religious observances play a central role in community life, underpinning many of the islands’ traditions and festivals.

Economic Demographics

Bimini’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism. Given its proximity to Florida, many tourists come from the Sunshine State for weekend getaways or longer stays. This influx has led to job opportunities in the hospitality industry, from hotels to restaurants and tour services.

Fishing is another major industry, both for local consumption and for export. The surrounding waters are teeming with fish, and Bimini is often referred to as the “Big Game Fishing Capital of the Bahamas.”

However, the reliance on these industries means that economic downturns, hurricanes, or global events affecting tourism can have a profound impact on the local population’s livelihood.

Educational and Age Demographics

Bimini’s population is relatively young, with a significant proportion under the age of 30. This youth bulge is supported by the local education system, with several primary and secondary schools on the island. However, for tertiary education, many students often move to Nassau or even abroad to the U.S., particularly Florida, due to the close ties and proximity.

Free Estimates (386) 400-5551

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Landscaping in Bimini FL 32110
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Custom Landscaping in Bimini FL 32110
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Free Estimates (386) 400-5551

Free Estimates (386) 400-5551